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Brand Mission

Our mission is to empower all people with products that carry meaningful art that brings into life the skate life, or  reminds you all the good of skate. Our purpose is to create and share content that inspire other women and girls from Puerto  Rico to the world. 

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Be Inspired, Feel Free, Be Yourself

"SKATEMAMIS is a movement that began in late June 2017.  The need for women to be able to express themselves through skateboarding with the same magnitude, freedom, and respect as men, gave rise to the idea in the first place. By the end of 2017 the concept had been exposed to the social media world to give strength, life, and expand skateboarding as a sport for women, inspired in the defense of every aspect of gender equality. Skateboarding is the perfect blend between art and sport. It involves much effort, practice, and patience. However, it is a great way to develop different skills with our mind and body that can be of use in our daily lives, such as creativity, balance, perseverance, companionship and self-confidence. Our purpose is to destroy the social paradigms that are imposed on women, and in the same matter, break through the misconceptions that this mix of art and sport has been stereotyped with. We want to highlight natural femininity along with all its features and everything a woman’s body represents. On our board, we women present the strength, beauty, heart, resistance, and love to ourselves and everything that surrounds us. "


-Grace Fernández  


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